1. Use the booty as a pillow

    Or bongos. Bongos are good.

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  3. Trying this whole wake up early and work out before I go to campus thing. Day one was yesterday, and my unfortunate addiction to the alarm snooze button won. Day two was today and by golly I only snoozed the alarm for 20 minutes and actually got 30 minutes of cardio in. Yes.

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    the colourful stratification of oregon’s painted hills, part of the john day fossil beds, were formed over the past 50 million years as layers of ash from multiple volcanic eruptions mixed with different types of soil and plant material from a once present river soil bed.

    the colours speak to the region’s geologic eras, and its transition from a warm tropical climate — which supported lush forests with prehistoric elephants, camels and saber tooth tigers — to today’s temperate climate.

    photos by (clic pic) mark brodkinrick lundhrocco megagary randall and lisa burke

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  10. biomorphosis:

    To ensure that mud and dirt doesn’t get tracked into their nice forest home, chipmunks are incredibly hygienic and will constantly groom themselves from head to tail.

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